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Best Study Abroad Consultants In Delhi, India 2023 – Get 100% Scholarship.

Choosing the right college to study abroad is crucial, as your next few years of higher academic studies at that particular college will decide the fate of your future. Along with a reputed college, another important factor is the location of the college.

If the college is located in a region where there are plenty of opportunities to grow and excel, then you will find it easier since you will be more knowledgeable about the area and its culture than others.

Universta have Best Overseas Education Consultants In Delhi in which we have the best study abroad consultants in Delhi as we have a deep understanding of all the regions and colleges.

We try to share the same knowledge with students too, so that they get in-depth knowledge about which college to choose.

We understand the importance of your decision to study abroad, so we also provided different guides so that students could go through the guides and learn about different aspects of studying abroad. Check out our guides now.

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    Seamless Pathways to Studying Abroad – Your Journey Begins with Us

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    The initial step is to connect with us either through a website, a telephone call, or by physically visiting our office.

    Meet our consultant and explain your desires and aspirations about studying abroad, according to which our consultant will give an in-depth overview of the application process and the rest of the things.

    If you are interested in our training and application process, then our consultants will brief you about the admission process with the best consultants for studying abroad in Delhi.

    Simultaneously, our team would assess your family, background, academic background, interests, dreams, and goals.

    The admission process will be scheduled, and if the applicant is interested in taking admission in our consultancy, then he or she has to complete the admission process as soon as possible.

    After the completion of the admission process, our team will continuously support and train you for the application process and guide you through the entire journey till you get settled abroad.

    Our Services

    • Optimal University and Program Choices
    • Effective Test Preparation Strategies
    • Effective Financial Management
    • Strategic Career Planning Support

    Optimal University and Program Choices

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    Our best consultants for studying abroad in Delhi help students in the selection process for programs and universities.

    For study Choosing the domain is crucial for the student. These consultancies ensure that the student applies for the correct domain according to the student’s interests and the latest trends.

    Effective Test Preparation Strategies

    in college lecture a girl writing some name of institute which are providing services like  study in abroad consultancy in delhi

    The education consultancies also provide test preparation experts for any kind of examination, such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and many more.

    These experts cover every topic asked in the exams and make sure that the student prepares well for the test and scores good marks to become eligible for the program and college.

    Effective Financial Management

    Managing studies and financial expenses abroad is the most challenging task for students. Paying the college fees and rental bills, along with the accommodation charges, proves to be expensive.


    Strategic Career Planning Support

    Our experts also guide the students who face problems in choosing the correct option to build their career. They provide a wide range of options, which makes it easier for the students to choose among the options provided to them.

    Why Universta is the Best Study Abroad Consultant In Delhi?

    Why Universta is the best consultants for study abroad in delhi?

    Many study abroad consultancies promise a lot of things to the students. So, choosing the best overseas education consultants  in Delhi is quite important. This is where Universta is at its best.

    Proficient Counselors


    Over the years, we have been successful in establishing ourselves as the best study abroad consultant in Delhi.

    This has only been possible due to our expert counselors, who work day and night to help solve the problems of the students.

    We have the best overseas education consultants in India who not only live in Delhi but all over the country.

    They make sure to offer knowledgeable counsel from a worldwide view point. Our entire counselling team is government certified and have also received several rewards in their specific domains. 

    Counsellors, Visa and Immigration experts, and Test preparation experts for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT are some of experts that we have at our consultancy.

    Apart from education, they also provide soft skills to the students, which are equally important to success in life.

    World-Class University Connections


    We provide career counseling and also have good relations with the best universities and colleges in the world. Students can enroll in the top colleges by using our connections to their advantage.

    We motivate our students to take admissions to the best colleges across the globe. In order to achieve this, we make sure that students have a thorough awareness of every part of the globe, making it simple for them to select the best universities for their needs.

    Straightforward Application and Visa Procedures

    after study in abroad by taking consultancy in delhi a person filling a form for visa application

    For students applying for the applications in prestigious universities in the world, they need to undergo a specific procedure. This procedure is time consuming and sometimes students receive their study visa after a year.

    To limit the time it takes for a visa to arrive, Universta comes into play. Our experts share tips and tricks with the students regarding the application and visa process.

    Weekly meetings are organized in which students can discuss their doubts and problems. This can help students gain the necessary knowledge and fill out their applications correctly.

    Financial Assistance and Scholarships


    In the event that our students qualify for scholarships, we also think it is important to help them with their financial obligations. There are governing bodies in India that look to help the students in providing help to students financially.

    Read This Article To Know More About Study Abroad Scholarships.

    Scholarships are provided by these governing bodies on their web portals. Students can visit these websites to take advantage of the government-funded scholarships.

    We also conduct a test annually so that we can choose a few bright students for financial aid from our side, and they can take advantage of these scholarships.

    Post arrival support


    Our commitment to the students is not limited until they are our students. Our support for students includes orientation programs and accommodation assistance. These aid in the students’ acquisition of the necessary skills for personal growth as well as their adjustment to a new way of life.


    What is Study Abroad Consultancy? 

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    Study Abroad Consulting is a service provider for students who want to achieve their goal of studying at prestigious universities and colleges in foreign countries.

    The main aim of education consultancies is to guide and train students in such a way that they easily overcome every possible obstacle in their academic career abroad.

    Various study abroad consultants in India provide in-depth knowledge that offers guidance, support, and expertise to students who have the desire to choose the right university and program.

    The consultants act as a great helping hand for the students as they guide their students through the entire journey, from understanding things from scratch to getting settled abroad.

    Why is there a need to choose the correct college?

    Selecting the right college to study abroad is crucial, as it will help you grow and establish a base for your next few years of higher academic studies.

    Why should we take admission to your consultancy and not fill out the application process ourselves?

    If you know the entire process, then you can certainly apply it yourself. But our consultancy consists of experienced experts who have in-depth knowledge about every process, which makes it easier for the students to focus only on their studies and not other things.

    Is there any way to study abroad for free?

    Yes, many universities regularly conduct online exams for scholarships. You can easily register for the scholarships, and if you perform well in the test, then you will certainly receive the scholarship on a merit basis.

    What is the work of a consultant?

    The consultant’s work as a great helping hand for the students as they guide their students through the entire journey, from understanding things from scratch to getting settled abroad.

    Does your consultancy offer help in test preparation?

    Universta is among the best education consultants in Delhi that have test preparation experts to help students understand the pattern of examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and many more.

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