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    Why You Should Take Australia Education Consultancy in Delhi?

    Australia Located from the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is known for browsing, kangaroos and hot environment.

    The country covers a region of 7.69 million sq. feet.

    Australia. (2021, February 10). Geography.

    Which makes it the 6th biggest country on earth

    Gaur, M. (2023, August 1). Top 10 Largest Countries In The World Complete And Comprehensive List – PWOnlyIAS. PWOnlyIAS.

    Australia is currently home to more than twenty-five million people, also can be exceptionally varied.

    Its rich history and culture have been based on its Aboriginal heritage and even vibrant cultures.

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    Study In Australia Consultants In Delhi

    Australia’s Educational Excellence

    Australia has a very full and regular standing for instruction on the other side of the environment. They’ve just one of those planet’s highest proportions of greater education characterized people.

    The nation continues to capture higher studies and literacy prices. Australia offers superb quality teaching for tuition charges, with a top-notch educational system.

    You can find 43 universities in Australia. In which 41 are Australian universities (private & 37 public) and 2 private institutions (International). 

    List of universities in Australia. (2023, October 18). Wikipedia.

    You can likewise discover quite a few different pro high education associations.  You can find 25 Australian associations at the 20-19 QS planet University Rankings high five hundred, seven at the upper one hundred. 

    The greatest rated of them is the Australian National University, that is put in 24th.  The following highest rated would be Melbourne’s college, and it is set in 39th, and the University of Sydney, that will be set in 42nd.

    Australian National University. (2023, November 2). Wikipedia.

    Essential Aspects of Studying in Australia: Cost, Visa Procedures, and Language Requirements

    1. Cost

    a girl with cash in hand and  home design paper in left hand
    Bachelor DegreeAUD 20,000 – 45,000/year
    Master’s DegreeAUD 22,000 – 50,000/year
    Doctoral DegreeAUD $18,000 – $42,000/year
    University of New South Wales (UNSW)AUD 66,262
    The University of Queensland (UQ)AUD 80,808
    The University of Sydney (USYD)AUD 50,000 – 67,000
    Australian National University (ANU)AUD 50,400
    The University of Melbourne (UNIMELB)AUD 89,500

    Cost of Living in Australia

    Cost of living in Australia is on the higher side as there are weekly wages to the amount of work we do. Small works are encouraged in Australia so that the students studying there can make some money and clear their bills.

    People living there are also quite helpful as they provide home to the needy ones on low rent and also help them in finding jobs. 

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    Hostels and GuesthousesAUD 90 – 150/week
    On-campus AUD 110 – 280/week
    RentalAUD 185 – 440/week
    Boarding schools AUD 11,000 – 22,000/week
    Shared Rental AUD 95 – 215/week
    HomestayAUD 235 – 325/week

    Other costs Of living

    Gas, electricityAUD 10 – 20/week
    Phone and Internet AUD 15 – 30/week
    Car (after purchase) AUD 150 – 260/week
    Groceries and eating out AUD 140 – 280/week
    Public transport AUD 30 – 60/week
    EntertainmentAUD 80 – 150/week

    Bhatnagar, A. (2023, August 29). Cost to Study in Australia 2023: Tuition Fees, Living Cost and Other Expenses.

    2. Visa

    With a student visa, you will soon be allowed to study at an accredited higher education institution for up to five years.

    To be eligible to apply for a visa, you must be enrolled in a degree course in Australia.

    If you are under 18 when you start your studies, you will need to provide information about your wellbeing and health arrangements.

    In addition, you should arrange for adequate health cover for the duration of your stay.

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    Your institution should provide you with more information about medical health insurance and appropriate welfare cover.

    If there is any change in your circumstances, you must notify your organization. If you do not do this, your visa may be canceled and you will have to start the application process again in Australia.

    Everyone’s landscape is different, so everyone’s demands and strategies are different. You are advised to read about visas:

    3. Languages


    Speech Even though Australia doesn’t have an official language, its federal language is English. Additionally, you will notice an assortment of distinct languages being discussed around the nation.

    Most classes are instructed in English; also, you have to prove one’s English language competence as a portion of their entrance conditions. The degree of speech competence will be contingent on the place you opt to analyze.

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    If you don’t meet with the compulsory benchmark to your class, it’s not uncommon for associations to provide English language classes that will assist you to enhance.

    If your native language isn’t English, then you need to get the most of one’s possibility to know the exact terminology since possible can study. 

    Communication together with the natives and also other students, could be the ideal means to rehearse. Is an ability which may appear excellent in your CV/resume.

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    List of best Australian universities for Under graduation and Post graduation

    Australian universities are known across the globe for their excellent academic records and cultural activities. 

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    Australian universities

    Best Post graduation universities 

    Masters Universities in Australia: 10 Best Universities in Australia for Masters. (2023, June 29). Yocket Study Abroad.

    Best Under graduation universities 

    The Best Universities in Australia, Ranked. (n.d.).


    How many bands are required in IELTS exam to become eligible to study in Australia? 

    If you want to pursue undergraduate studies in Australia, then the Australian universities require at least 6.0 to 6.5 overall bands. 

    For postgraduation programs, the required overall bands ranges from 6.5 to 7. This may change from time to time depending on the universities. 

    Study in Australia with a band score of 5.5. (2016, December 22).,of%20a%20minimum%20of%206.0.

    What consulting services are provided by Universta for studying in Australia? 

    There are several services provided by Universta which a student can take benefit of.

    We provide free counselling to the students, visa assistance, scholarships, post arrival accommodation facilities, and also help in application and admission processes. 

    Can I bring my students along with while studying in Australia? 

    In majority of the cases, the Australian government does not allow students to bring their parents with themselves as they are not Permanent Resident (PR) of the country. 

    After how many years, I can apply for work visa in Australia? 

    In comparison to other countries, it is somewhat harder to get work visa in Australia. Nearly after 4-5 years of living in the country, you can apply for the full-time work visa. 

    Can we as a student work in Australia besides studying? 

    Yes, certainly Australian universities allow a defined number of hours in a day so that the students can work as part-time in near by areas so that it can go easy for the students to pay their academic and living bills. 

    Is Universta Have Best Study In Australia Consultants In Delhi?


    Yes, We have the best Australia Education Consultants in Delhi and provides career counselling for free of cost as well as also other additional aid required.

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