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FAQ - Study in Czech Republic

Situated in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is known for its blend of traditional, gothic and contemporary architecture. It’s also home to 12 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Even the Czech Republic covers an area of 78,866 sq kilometres and is home to 10.6 million individuals.

The country has an intriguing heritage, and it was the sole place in Central Europe to stay a democracy between World War I and World War II. Back in 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully stabilized and established 2 states, 1 which we now know as that the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic can be just a ripped country, using a wealthy economy based on an export-oriented social market. It’s likewise part of the EU, also bordered by 4 properly known European countries. This make it a perfect locale for international students to achieve their instruction, using industry based job opportunities.

Whilst the state language is Czech, tens and thousands of lessons are taught in both English during higher education institutions. There was a mixture of public and private schools, as well as two state associations. Around all these associations, there are a lot more than 43,000 worldwide college students.

The Czech Republic has a high excellent education program, leading to Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. It is home to the oldest college in Central Europe, The Charles University in Prague, situated in 1348. Rated at the top 20 states in the world because of the education strategy, the Czech Republic could be the perfect location for international students wanting to study overseas!

Considered among the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic was formed in the beginning of 1993, with previously been a portion of Czechoslovakia. Before a Greek country below the influence of the Soviet Union, it’s undergone accelerated development within the past few decades, and also in 2006 became the first former Eastern Bloc state to become rated as being a”developed state” by the World Bank.

Now , the Czech Republic can be a ever more popular destination for international study, using almost 44,000 foreign students now enrolled in its universities. EU figures published in 2014 listed it since the 12th most popular vacation spot for Erasmus pupils in Europe. There are undoubtedly lots of perks for people opting to study at the Czech Republic: well-esteemed universities, cheap tuition fees and living expenses, and last but not least, a more vibrant and vibrant cultural lifestyle.

Thinking whether to study at the Czech Republic? Read on to our guide to high universities at the Czech Republic, university student associations, applications and study costs.

Although it’s in the EU, the Czech Republic uses the Czech Koruna (CZK) as its own currency.

The Czech Republic Education Cost is often regarded as affordable; nonetheless, the price would depend upon the choice of program, and it also varies from university to the other. The average cost of study in the Czech for any undergraduate program will vary around 1000 Euros per semester, whereas the master’s program would include approximately 1500 each semester. ICNM provides help associated with Education Loan which could help plan your financing.

They do however have a reporting obligation if their stay will be longer than 30 days. If that is the case, they are to report to the closest Foreign Police Department. This doesn’t always apply to pupils staying in student dormitories, but you should check with your university of choice.

Students from countries out the EU need to acquire a student visa to be able to study and reside in the Czech Republic. There are several different kinds of visas, and all are acceptable for different scenarios. You should find a short-term visa if your stay will be less than 90 days, and also a long-term visa if your stay will be more than 90 days. If your studies are going to keep you at the Czech Republic for more than one year, you should apply for a long-term residence permit for study purposes.

After submitting your application for your visa, You’re usually required to add these documents:

  • Application form
  • Letter of acceptance for studies
  • Valid passport and passport photos
  • Proof of financial resources (bank account statement, proof of grant/tuition support or sponsorship etc)
  • Valid international health insurance
  • Confirmation of guaranteed accommodation
  • Abstract from the Register of Criminal Records

Some of the aforementioned documents ought to get translated into Czech language with means of a translator with an official rubber stamp.

Visa regulations are susceptible to change, therefore to be certain you might have the most updated advice about your own visa application method, please visit the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic in:

As a way to examine a degree programme in English, then you need to have a high amount of English vocabulary abilities. Most colleges in the Czech Republic will require proof that your language skills are around and including certain standard. This permits one to triumph and also maximize out of your level programme.

If your English skills do not meet the required normal, it’s typical for universities to provide programmes that could help to improve your standards. These can be recorded on the university website, and can range in value based on the organization of choice.

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