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FAQ - Study in Denmark

A highly efficient and streamlined country, Denmark has a reputation for educational excellence. Associate this together with the attractive surroundings and superior quality public services, and also you also have a great destination for both global students.


With higher education associations dating back to to 1479, Denmark features a brief history of providing instruction. There are just five varieties of associations in Denmark. These are universities, university colleges, artistic higher education associations , schools of both marine instruction and coaching, and company academics. Universities provide bachelor’s, master and doctoral degree programmes in broad range of areas. University colleges provide post-secondary courses, preparing college students to move into a livelihood. Artistic institutions are specialist schools offering design and art classes. Maritime education and training associations offer research and practice focused courses. Organization academies present two year Academy career programs and skilled Bachelor’s levels. Denmark follows the Bologna Procedure, or so the level you get in a institution will probably be internationally recognised.

There are 8 colleges in Denmark, as well as much other higher education associations. There are 5 of Denmark’s colleges in the 2019 QS World University Rankings top five hundred. The highest-ranked may be that the college of Copenhagen, that will be put at 79th. The next highest-ranked could be that the Technical University of Denmark, which is put at 112th.

Notably the Kingdom of Denmark, the country is currently home to in excess of 5.78 million folks. Denmark can be actually a Nordic country, and shares a boundary with Germany. The country is an archipelago of 443 islands, having a level terrain with rocky coasts, very low elevation and a temperate environment. In 1397, the Denmark was part of the Kalmar Union, which also comprises Sweden and Norway. Back in 1523, Sweden abandoned this Union. Denmark and Norway stayed below an Identical monarch until 1814, following the Napoleonic Wars. At 1973, Denmark became an associate in the European Economic Community, now known as the EU, maintaining a unique money.

Denmark is currently among the very environmentally and economically developed nations on earth. The country boasts a superior quality of living, as well as being highly ranked in locations like education, healthcare and democratic governance, and among others. The country includes a monarch and also primary Minister, using all the monarch retaining executive authority. Nevertheless, the monarch’s responsibilities tend to be ceremonial, using the Prime Minister producing political conclusions.

Denmark employs the Danish Krone (DKK) because its money.

The tuition prices you spend will depend on where you are from. If you are in an EU/EEA country, you have the capacity to to attend bilingual universities free of charge. If you’re from some other country, you will cover tuition prices. Prices are somewhat very different at each institution, as well as what degree you are analyzing at. On average, you should be prepared to pay for between DKK 45,000 and DKK 120,000 each 12 months. There are scholarships offered for students, and these are offered by individual institutions, as well as other initiatives.

Your living expenses will depend on the place you choose to live, as larger cities will likely undoubtedly be more expensive than smaller sized cities and towns. Normally, you need to plan for between DKK 6,000 and DKK 13,500 per 30 days. This account for lodging, supermarkets and traveling. The other price tag that students will need to think about is medical insurance. Although there are some circumstances where emergency healthcare is free of charge, you might have to get insured by means of a medical insurance policy policy. Talk to your institution about if you require well being insurance.if you are a Nordic, EU/EEA or citizen, you have the ability to work in Denmark throughout your research with no limits, nevertheless, you’re going to need a work permit. If you are from anywhere else, then you will be able to use upto 20 hrs per week during term time, and complete period during June, July and August. You’ll additionally require a work permit.

Based on where you’re from, you can require a student visa to study in Denmark. EU/EEA college students or pupils from Switzerland usually do not require a visa. However, you have to put in an application for a residence permit after you’ve arrived. To submit an application to get a permit, you have to provide your passport, a passport picture and a letter of admission from your institution to the neighborhood Statsfervaltningen (state management ). If you’re from every other nation, you have to acquire a visa to research in Denmark. You’ll also have to get a house license before you arrive at the country.


The official language of Denmark is Danish.

Level programmes are most commonly given in English or Danish. If you’re analyzing within an non-native speech, then you have to provide proof one’s vocabulary proficiency. This is typically done by carrying an English language evaluation, or providing consequences of evaluations. In the event you don’t meet the compulsory normal, you could possibly be in a position to bring a language class that will allow you to improve.

Even if you have the ability to research in English, you still ought to try an attempt to know the maximum amount of Danish as feasible. Communicating with locals and different students may be the perfect way to apply. This is a skill which will make your every day life more enjoyable, as well as looking great on your own CV/resume!

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