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FAQ - Study in Iceland

Iceland is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Not only is the higher education system modern and well developed, you will also get to study in a beautiful and scenic country. Very sparsely populated and covering only 40,000 square miles, Iceland just touches the Arctic Circle.

Known as the ‘land of ice and fire’, Iceland has 24 hour periods of daylight in the summer and darkness in the winter. The subarctic climate will provide you with a unique experience, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Any international student choosing Iceland can guarantee that they will have a fantastic time in the wonderful and welcoming country.

You will find various prominent higher education associations located in Iceland. The earliest institution has been set in 1911, meaning that you will be receiving today’s and current education. You’ll locate hardly any traditional and obsolete methods, with all the institutions aiming to use only the most suitable schooling methods. This frees one to your 21st century labor market, also targets in your employability. Considering most universities have been authorised by the Ministry of Education, Science and tradition, they do have freedom over the content of their courses. This means a class with an identical name in two individual institutions may teach quite differently.

You will find 7 universities from Iceland. Three of these are personal, and also the rest four are people colleges. The two biggest schools are situated in the capital city, Reykjavík. You’ll find around 18,000 students enrolled throughout all of the associations, with 5 percent of these being international students. Degree institutions in Iceland are intending to boost their international college student ingestion, are tremendously welcoming.

Icelandic organizations offer classes in several different areas, however you can find some that specialise. By way of instance, the Agricultural University of Iceland is really a researcher focused association, giving courses in agriculture and environmental sciences. There will be a path for everyone else at Iceland, therefore have a peek and find out exactly what there will be to get you!

A Nordic island state located just south of Greenland, Iceland is home to just 350,000 people. This little population tends to make it probably the most densely populated state in Europe. This is one among the most volcanic places in the Earth, and over 13% of the country is covered by snowfields and glaciers. Over half of the country’s population are now living within the capital, that will be very developed and modern.

The tourism industry is really active in Iceland, together with a lot people traveling to the united states to experience the way of life. You will be able to see the famous hot springs, even traveling to the glaciers and possibly even glance the northernlights. These remarkable beaches would be the reason that Iceland has brought film and television crews for many years. You might recognise the scene from the tv series Game of Thronesfilms or even movies Including Star Wars: The Power Awakens along with Rogue One.

You may locate a vibrant civilization combined with the interesting heritage. Iceland offers cultural appeals with really a special study experience. Any worldwide scholar would very well ready for that job industry.

Iceland uses the Icelandic Króna (ISK) because its currency.

Your tuition prices will likely depend upon if you examine a private or public university. If you opt to study at a public school, you won’t be asked to pay tuition prices regardless of where in the whole world you’re out of. You will need to pay an yearly registration charge of approximately ISK 75,000. In the event you are not an EEA college student you’ll also need to pay a program fee, and it is around ISK 8,000. If you decide to study at an exclusive establishment you are going to need to pay for a tuition payment. Depending on your organization of choice, class and nationality, this lodging rate may be anything in ISK 540,000 into ISK 2,000,000 each 12 months. There are grants and scholarships offered to international students, however they can be competitive and are usually merit-based. For advice about financing support, contact your favorite company.

The dwelling charges in Iceland are somewhat like that of western countries. Some universities recommend that you just budget for around ISK 120,000 per calendar month. This will definitely cover your lodging expenses, groceries, traveling and analyze resources and some other additional living costs. In the event you intend to live in one of the bigger cities, then your own living costs are very likely to be much higher.

The next cost that international students need to consider is medical . If you are from an EU/EEA country and maintain an EHIC card, then you are going to have the ability to access the same healthcare as Icelandic citizens,at an identical value. If you’re from every other nation, you want to ensure you have legal medical insurance through the length of one’s stay in Iceland. You need to purchase a health insurance policy plan that’s legal in Iceland, or check that your present-day coverage will pay for you when you are in Iceland. If you need to purchase health insurance and need guidance, get in touch with your organization.

Depending upon which you are out of, you may want to submit an application to get a visa in order to examine in Iceland.

If you’re from an EU/EEA state, then you are not going to require a visa to research in Iceland. You will, nevertheless, need to enroll using the local government if your reports tend to be more than 3 weeks. If you’re from every other country, you will need to submit an application to get a residence permit, which functions as a student visa. If you’re studying for a bachelors or masters, your permit will be valid for six months at a time, meaning you will need to renew it. If you’re a doctorate student, your permit will be issued for 1-2 months at a moment; point. Your license should be renewed within four weeks of expiry.

The large part of the people is fluent in English, thus communication people must not be more difficult. It’s suggested though that you attempt to know the maximum amount of as as achievable. This can aid to your regular activity, in addition to being fully a excellent talent to produce onto your own CV/resume.
In the event you prefer to master a few classic prior to your coming from the nation, you’ll find a number of diverse alternatives. You may cover a mentor, have a school terminology program or utilize internet tools. Icelandic on-line can be definitely an internet language class conducted from the University of Iceland and it is totally free of charge.

Most classes are instructed in English, as a result of growing variety of foreign students opting Iceland. No matter whether you opt to examine in English or even Icelandic, then you have to give evidence of one’s eligibility. In the event you don’t meet with the essential criteria, then it’s normal for associations to give language classes that will allow one to boost.

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