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FAQ - Study in Liechtenstein

One of the tiniest countries in the Earth, Liechtenstein is actually a hidden gem. Land-locked at Central Europe, it’s the perfect spot for students who want to research that the main planet. Together with a few of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, there are opportunities aplenty in Liechtenstein. Global students are going to be getting a high-quality education as well as a truly European experience.

There are four high education institutions in Liechtenstein, all benefitting from the well balanced staff-student percentage. Universities as well as other institutions have a particular target on strengthening employability, giving you the best chances immediately after your studies. You will be able to develop a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree, all properly recognised across the world.

Having a high quality of living plus a number of the greatest finance institutions in the Earth, Liechtenstein will be the perfect location to get a global student searching to get an employed education in one of the wealthiest European nations.

Officially the Principality of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein is a German Speaking nation using a population of just above 38,000. Bordered from Switzerland into the East and Austria to the West,” Liechtenstein is situated entirely from the Alps. This leaves it mainly mountainous, and therefore a cold temperatures sports hotspot. Liechtenstein is a part of the Un and the European Free Trade Association, as well as engaging in the European Economic Area along with also the Schengen Area. Additionally, it has arrangements with most of the EU member states, although is not a penis itself.

Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy and it is now direct by Prince Hans-Adam II. Covering just 160 square kilometres, it’s the tiniest country to edge two states, together with being one of the maximum GDP per capita in the world. The literacy rate in Liechtenstein is 100%, with education being a priority for the majority of citizens.

Liechtenstein uses the Swiss Franc (CHF) as its money.

Tuition prices in Liechtenstein depends upon where you study and what precisely type of level you opt for. Another component that might influence the amount of tuition is really where you’re from. Students in the EU nation, as well as people from the EEA, tend to pay less. Normally, you have to be prepared to cover CHF 850 per semester. For special cost info, speak to your company.

Cost-of-living in Liechtenstein are reasonable, and equal to some other European countries. You should expect you’ll need around CHF 1,500 per calendar month. This accounts for lodging, supermarkets and traveling. You need to always budget for more than your essentials, if it is possible to. The least expensive accommodation is consistently halls of residence, therefore it’d be worth using a look at that for the institution.

Another expense that pupils want to consider is health . If you are an EHIC card holder, then you definitely might be able to access exactly the very same health at the same cost as Liechtensteinian taxpayers. Even if you have an EHIC, you will still need to cover CHF 67 a 30 days to cover the basic health costs. If you are from every other nation, you will need to be certain you’ve legal medical insurance for the length of one’s own studies. This means that you will need to buy an insurance plan, or check that your present policy covers you in Liechtenstein. Your organization should be able to provide direction for medical insurance.

Even though it’s perhaps not an associate of this EU, Liechtenstein has agreements along with other member countries. This means that should you are in an EU country, you are not going to require a visa to examine in Liechtenstein, however, you will need to get a residency permit. If you’re from every other country, you have to acquire a visa until you have the ability to travel to Liechtenstein. Your chosen company will have the ability to provide information relating to its process and certain demands.

The official language of Liechtenstein has been now German.

Faculties in Liechtenstein provide the majority of these classes in German, using a select couple being available in English. You must offer proof one’s language competence if you’re studying in a special language. In the event you don’t meet the essential criteria, then you may be in a position to take a language prep course at your organization. Get in touch with them should you need more assistance or information relating to it particular.

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