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FAQ - Study in Spain

Spain is a favorite destination for international students searching for quality and affordable higher education. There are around 85,000 worldwide college students researching in Spain annually. With lots to offer, you will have something for many people are this amazing nation.

You can find 76 Universities in Spain, and they’re a blend of private and public. Of the 76, 2-4 are private, and 7 of them are associated with all the Catholic Church. The people universities have been state-funded, meaning their prices are determined by the neighborhood authorities. Spain has a long and rich tradition of high education, and therefore their associations are always well ranked. At the 2018 QS World University Rankings, 11 Spanish associations have been ranked within the top 500. The best of these may be the Universitat de Barcelona, sitting down in 156th.

You are able to examine all standard degrees in Spain. This includes bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level analysis. A bachelor level normally lasts 4 decades, and you are going to be asked to get 240 ECTS credits to maneuver (find out what the ECTS will be from Anna, our study overseas specialist ). A master’s degree usually lasts 1-2 decades, and you also need to hold a bachelor’s level or equivalent to become accepted. You will need to have been awarded a bachelor’s and master’s degree to get entrance to some Doctoral programme. You can find several possibilities for types of courses readily available, and what areas they are offered in. You’re highly very likely to obtain a programme which is suitable for you at a institution at Spain.

Spain is a stunning state in Western Europe having a rich history and culture. Spain is among the biggest European countries and the most popular tourist location on the planet.

The nation provides exciting cultural encounter for all tourists, residents and students. It blends a professional, cosmopolitan life using increased vibrant and charming regional cultures. Additionally, it has lots of opportunities for relaxation and enjoyable.

Spain presents innumerable opportunities for worldwide students who would like to have its culture, exciting life styles together with possess an outstanding academic encounter. Spain is currently among the absolute most common European destinations for international college students, and it’s very welcoming for those who wish to examine a few of its institutions of higher training.

The top Attractions in Spain contain:

  • Alhambra, the renowned palace, fortress and backyard constructed in the 14 th century by the Nasrid sultans and located over the plateau over looking the town of Granada in southern Spain.
  • Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudí.
  • Mezquita of Cordobaa famous building known because of its woods of pillars and arches in the home corridor. Initially constructed as a Roman temple, also it later became a Visigothic church, before the Umayyad Moors built the Mezquita (Mosque).
  • Cuenca, a medieval city built on the top sides of the mountain.


It’s important to realize that when you are in an EU country, you can cover precisely the very same fees as Spanish pupils, however, if you’re from a non eu country, your fees might be high.

Tuition fees at public colleges have been set by the government, and also certainly will differ based upon your level of study and chosen class. To get a bachelor’s degree, fees can vary in between £ 750 and £ 2,100 per year. Fees for a master’s degree at a public university may vary among $1,320 and $4,320 each 12 months. Tuition fees are computed each charge learned as compared to educational or semester year. Personal universities will probably charge higher tuition fees at all study levels.

Depending on the place you opt to study, your living costs are likely to be in between £ 900 and $1,100 a month. Larger Spanish cities including Madrid and Barcelona will probably be far more expensive than bigger cities and towns. Even though the two EU and global students are permitted to work parttime within their studies, you should not depend on the income to fund your studies. If you do desire to find yourself a part time position, having good interpersonal language skills may help your applications.

If you’d like an EHIC card, then you will not need to obtain medical health insurancecoverage, and also will have accessibility to the very same medical remedies as Spanish taxpayers at an identical value they cover. In the event you do not have an EHIC card, then you are going to have to purchase health insurance in order to examine in Spain. This document is going to be required if applying for the student loan, so be sure you sort out your medical care in plenty of period!

Depending upon your nationality, you may need to find a visa or residence permit to study in Spain.

EU students, along with the ones who find themselves from Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, will not need a visa as a way to reside and research in Spain. They will have to enroll to the community Spanish authorities in order to get a residence certificate. This has to be done over three months prior to your birth into the nation.

If you’re a student coming in any other nation, you will need a visa to study in Spain for at least three months. You can’t start this particular visa process until you’ve received a formal deal from a establishment.

It is recommended that you simply arrange your accommodation in advance, because you might be required to supply details of at which you intend to live whenever you make an application for a visa.

The official language of Spain is now Spanish. Studying in Spain is likely to be a superb possiblity to get a brand new language, or enhance your current knowledge. This will seem great in your CV, as Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language on earth!

Most programs are educated in Spanish, but you can find still an increasing number of spanish schools offering programs educated in English. In the event you decide to research in Spanish, then you will need to prove that your speech skills match the teaching standard. If you decide to examine in English, you’ll also have to show that your speech skills meet the necessary normal. To learn more about the terminology requirements for the own course, contact your favorite company. Even if you do research in English, it’s advised that you make a bid to improve your Spanish, also that you interact with all both the natives as well as other students just as much as feasible.

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