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FAQ - Study in Sweden

Sweden offers plenty of opportunities for international students who wish to pursue a degree or undertake research at a world-class university. Swedish educational institutions are strongly focused on students and their interests; helping you to build skills in your chosen field. Studying in Sweden offers a wide choice of courses and programmes at all levels of study.

Sweden is a prosperous, welcoming country offering many exciting opportunities for education, work and leisure. There are around 30,000 international students in Sweden, which provides an exciting, multicultural environment for all the students.

Swedish institutions are highly ranked and offer plenty of opportunities for study and research. Eight of Sweden’s universities are present in the top 500 of the 2018 QS World University Rankings. The highest ranked university is Lund University, which comes in at 78th place.

As opposed to other destinations that can put more emphasis on search output, Swedish colleges have been strongly focused on their students. All the courses and programmes encourage team function, invention and critical thinking. Sweden’s higher education associations have also accommodated to the Bologna Process, along with conforming to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation program , which means you’ll graduate having a fully-recognised European level.

1 unique element of Swedish higher education could be how classes are structured. Instead of analyzing a couple modules at once during an full session, pupils only study one at some period for a shorter time period (several months ). Exam is completed after a module has been completed. For this reason, Swedish semesters consist of a collection of those short sections.

Swedish institutions Provide Various Types of degrees It’s Possible to study for:

  • Bachelor’s degree — It takes three years of undergraduate documents to acquire this degree.
  • Degree of Master (Twelve Months ) and also a Level of Master (two decades ). They might require a single or a couple of years of research that is specialised, respectively.

There are also two level kinds for your innovative studies or research:

  • Licentiatexamen: Granted soon after an extra couple of years of study.

Generally you will find two different types of associations of higher education in Sweden: colleges and university schools. The single difference applies to the advanced scientific tests (Licentiate and PhD) and not to the bachelor’s or master’s research studies.

Sweden is really a stunning southern European country, bordered by Norway from the west and Finland into the north-east. The most significant city and also the federal capital is Stockholm. The northern regions of the united states lie above the Arctic Circle, however the local climate is influenced by the Gulfstream. This provides Sweden a different environment with cold winters and moderate summers.

Sweden includes a overall population of approximately 10.2 million residents, where 2.4 million possess a international background. This makes the nation a good blend of people and cultures, ideal for international students seeking to analyze and develop a broader perspective of the world.

Sweden employs the krona (SEK) as its money.

If you are in an EU/EEA/Nordic nation or Switzerland, you will not have to pay for tuition and application charges for bachelor’s or master’s degrees. This really could be the exact same principle which relates to citizens.

If you are from some other nation, you will need to pay for tuition fees. The program fee will be SEK 900 (£ 98 2500 ) and can be paid as a member of one’s online app. Tuition charges will count on the niche you choose to analyze. The typical for an master’s degree is SEK 129,000 ($15,700 USD) each calendar year. If you opt for an interest within societal sciences and humanities, then it is going to cost generally SEK 80,000 — 110,000 per year. An issue within natural sciences or a technical programme will probably cost on average SEK 120,000 — 145,000 per yr. An area such as architecture or design will likely cost on average SEK 190,000 — 270,000 each year.

In other words costs into perspective, in September 2018, 1 Euro is roughly SEK 10.4 and 1 2500 is all about SEK 8.8.

On average, it’s suggested that you just budget SEK 8,000 on your own month-to-month living expenses. This consists of rent, travel, groceries and research materials. This dwelling will be dependent on exactly where in Sweden you decide to live, as even larger cities will be more expensive than cities and towns.

To help with your own studying and living expenses, all students are allowed to work in their studies. There are almost no time limitations for some students, nevertheless, you should ensure that your research remain priority, so thus a part-time job could function best. Your institution will have the ability to help one to find appropriate parttime job.

If you’re in an EU/EEA state or Switzerland and hold an EHIC card you’re going to be in a position to access healthcare at the same cost as Swedish taxpayers. If you don’t yet hold an EHIC card, then you should employ for you personally prior to your studies. If you are going to be remaining in Sweden for more than a year, you will need to enroll with the Swedish Tax Agency to get your own identity range. If you’re from any other country, you will need to enroll with the Swedish Tax Agency to get your own identification number, that’ll qualify you to get to medical treatment at the same value as senior taxpayers. In case your course is less than one year, you also may have to buy medical care coverage. Nevertheless, your organization may give this, therefore get them for further info about

If you are from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you will not need to apply for a visa if your course is 12 months or more. If you are from Switzerland, you will need to register for a residence permit. Your institution will be able to provide more information about this.

If you are from any other country, you will need to apply for a residence permit before you arrive in Sweden. This process can take around 3 months, so make sure to start your application in plenty of time. To be eligible for a residence permit, you will need to prove you have been admitted to a course, have comprehensive health insurance and have sufficient funding for your studies without needing income support. You will also need to renew your application annually.

The official language of Sweden is Swedish. Most associations provide classes in both English and Swedish. Even if your path is educated in English, be certain you still attempt to pick up some Swedish terminology abilities. This will look great in your CV, and may even help you to receive yourself a job in case you’d like to remain at Sweden after your own studies!

If you opt to analyze a class in Swedish, you might need to show that your Hindi language competence by simply choosing a approved exam. Your organization will be able to provide you extra info in regards to the necessary specifications and authorized evaluations. In the event you opt to examine in English, you will likely must demonstrate that your English language skills match the necessary specifications. There are a few approved evaluations you’ll be able to choose, you should get in touch with your organization to learn more relating to it.

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