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FAQ and Answers

A excellent synthesis of Eastern and Western civilizations, Hong Kong is extremely contemporary, even though respecting the ancient Greek traditions and cultures. Even a rather little location, it is a Asian economic power, and also a world-leading center of fund, logistics and commerce. Combine this with an superb grade higher education institutions, and also you can see Hong Kong may be the perfect choice for any worldwide university student.


Many foreign students already choose hongkong for his or her high education reports, however the area is excited to draw greater. It is investing a good deal of finances into improving the numbers of overseas students, for example offering scholarships to produce study much more easily accessible. Hongkong has a strong reputation within the fields of research and innovation, which makes their education and learning strategy assorted and well-developed. Society at hongkong is excessively multicultural, and there is alot to have at a streamlined location. Lifestyle is cosmopolitan and fast-paced, with plenty to keep you occupied in your completely free time!

Hongkong is currently home to many internationally renowned universities, together with just one of the world’s maximum concentrations of worldwide institutions that are rated. You’ll find 6 Hong Kong’s colleges at the 20 20 QS planet University Rankings high five hundred. The highest ranked may be that the University of Hong Kong, which is placed at 25th. The second highest ranked is The Hong Kong University of Science and technologies, which is set in 32nd. The single university which isn’t on the upper 500 is Lingnan University, that then is in the 591-600th class!

Officially the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Hongkong is home to almost 7.5 million people. It is a distinctive administrative place, that means whilst it’s a component of mainland China, its nuclear strategy is separate. The place was originally richly inhabited, along with an area of fishing and farming villages. It’s now turned into one of the world’s main financial centers and commercial ports, with inhabitants of several different nationalities. Hongkong gets the largest amount of skyscrapers on the planet, most which are located in Victoria Harbour. Even the skyscrapers are part of their iconic present day skyline, but certainly are matched with the classic Chinese architecture additionally you will find within the area. More than 90% of the population use the public transportation methods that are highly sophisticated and well built.

Hong kong utilizes the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) as its currency.

The tuition prices you pay will depend on where you opt to study in Hong Kong. Typically, you should be prepared to pay involving HKD 90,000 and HKD 265,000 each year within an worldwide scholar. Due to the fact Hong Kong wishes to bring in more international students, there are lots of scholarships available that will assist finance your studies. All these are inclined to be awarded to students who display academic excellence and capacity, and is more competitive. They’re given by respective institutions, as well as some that are provided from the government. Speak to your organization to learn whether you are eligible for any scholarships, and also to receive guidance on your applications.

Your charge of living will be contingent on where you choose to live. If you decide to dwell in privately rented accommodation, then this will soon be pricier than school lodging. For students dormitory, then you need to budget for between HKD 15,000 and also HKD 45,000 each year. For a independently leased one-bedroom flat, you should budget between HKD 90,000 and also HKD 200,000 per calendar year. To get extra living expenses, you ought to allow for approximately HKD 50,000 annually. International students are allowed to carry on certain sorts of part time employment. All these tend to include course-related internships, on campus projects and summer tasks. Further details relating to that ought to be in a’No Objection Letter’ when your visa is approved.

If you would like to examine university in Hong Kong, then you are required to have students visa. You have to fill out the ID995 B and A forms. As well since these types, you can find lots of different records you must present. These are a photocopy of one’s passport, and traveling itinerary together with proof of your own flights, current passport photograph, proof admission to a Hong Kong association, evidence of financial support (bank statements or proof of scholarship) and evidence of your own lodging. You’ll also desire a neighborhood host, which is a service that your organization will prepare for youpersonally. Speak to the organization for more information.

Now you need to have a valid wellness insurance plan through the whole period of one’s stay in hongkong. It is normal for universities to offer their policies to global college students. If it is not the case for the organization, you have to request an exclusive medical insurance policy.

Hong Kong has just two official languages. All these are English and Chinese. They’ve one recognized regional terminology; Cantonese. Their official scripts are Conventional Chinese and also the English alphabet.

It is exceedingly common for higher education institutions to provide courses in English and Chinese. In the event you decide to analyze at an particular language, then you might need to offer proof your language competence. In the event you do not meet the essential criteria, then you could possibly well be able to take a language course that will help you enhance.

Even although you have the ability to study in English, you still need to try an attempt to know just as much Chinese as you possibly can. The language is spoken across the Earth, and really is a heavily used business speech. Being in a position to speak Chinese won’t only be handy for the everyday life, it is an art and craft which looks amazing in your CV/resume!

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