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FAQ - Study in Mauritius

A little island state, Mauritius boasts exquisite scenery and elevated levels of peacefulness and liberty. Along with that, the country has many natural and man-made attractions, all drawing in tourists. Mauritius can provide international students a much higher education experience, also provides opportunities for employment post-graduation.

Made up of colleges, universities and alternative technical institutions, the more Mauritian advanced schooling process is managed from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). You’ll find a number of public and private schools, such as national institutions and international campuses. Whilst not earning a great deal of global popularity, institutions in Mauritius offer premium excellent education to both national and global students. Each institution offers undergraduate degrees and post graduate degrees, at wide range of subjects.

Officially the Republic of Mauritius, Mauritius is an island located in the Mascarene archipelago of this Indian Ocean. It sits 2,000 kilometres off the south east shore of Africa, and will be currently home to in excess of 1.2 million people. The united states of Mauritius is situated above the underwater prior continent of Mauritia, that bankrupt away as India and Madagascar split around 60 million years ago. the island consists of volcanic origin and also has abundant biodiversity. You may discover a comprehensive hills and rock structures all over the island.

It’s believed that Mauritius had been known to premature Phoenician and Arab merchants. Then it came under Dutch control from the sixteenth century also was named after Maurice, Prince of Orange. In between 1715 and 1810, the island was a French colony also was known as Isle de France. In 1968the island became a different Commonwealth dominion, also eventually become a republic in 1992.

Mauritius utilizes the Mauritian Rupee (MUR) because its currency.

Your lodging prices will depend in your own choice of institution, as they may change. Typically, you have to expect to pay for involving MUR 90,000 and also MUR 160,000 each yr. This will even be based on which sort of programme you research and at exactly what level. Some Mauritian institutions still require that you pay for fees at the beginning of the academic year. You must be sure that you have sufficient capital to finance your studies, since the organization may require evidence of repayment until you can begin your programme.

Your dwelling expenses will be contingent on where you opt to live in Mauritius. In the event you choose to analyze at a more impressive city then you definitely will cover more compared to a smaller city or town. Typically, you really should budget between MUR 207,000 and MUR 276,000 per year. This accounts for lodging, supermarkets, travel, as well as other necessities. Yet another cost you have to consider is medical . You need to buy a medical insurance policy that’ll be valid through the length of one’s stay in Mauritius. In the event that you presently have a health insurance policy policy, you have to ensure that it is legal in Mauritius.

In the event you would like to analyze in Mauritius within a global student, you have to find a visa. You certainly can accomplish this in the Mauritian embassy or consulate in your home country. You will find particular documents which are commonly demanded if calculating your application. These include a completed application form, a letter of acceptance from the Mauritian association, and also a legal passport. There may possibly be other mandatory records, so be certain to consult before you go to the embassy to start the process to avoid any delays.


Mauritius does not have some languages that are official. You can find two federal languages, which are English and French. You will also notice a number of other languages being spoken across the island, one which will be Mauritian Creole.

You will find programmes provided in many distinctive languages. In the event you opt to study at an non-native language, you might need to provide proof your language competence. This differs at every association, so check with them during your application.

Even if you research at a terminology that you’re familiar with, you really should get an effort to know just as much French, English and Creole as possible. Communication together with the natives as well as other students is a ideal way to rehearse. This is an ability that seems amazing on your own CV/resume!

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