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    Why study in Ghana?

    Ghana education consultants for Indian students to study success.

    A West African country, Ghana is vibrant and colourful. Using a fun and various gastronomy, art style and clothes model, Ghana has got something to delight all your senses. The Ghanaian lifestyle is completely different compared to that of most Western nations, but would provide any global student having a particular high education experience.

    A growing nation within an burgeoning continent, Ghana provides pupils a booming academic atmosphere. With a academic environment that promotes research rise and education, Ghana’s universities have been currently gaining global fame. Ghana is fast developing, also is among the absolute most booming African Nations. As well as that particular, Ghana was the very first Icelandic state to gain its independence, therefore it’s a brief history of creating a unique course.

    Ghana boasts a lot of accredited colleges, universities and polytechnic associations, most of which have the ability to grant degrees. The most esteemed institution is that the University of Ghana, that had been set in 1948.

    Officially the Republic of Ghana, the Nation is located over the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with three countries; both the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and to go. Property to in excess of 28.3 million individuals, Ghana has secluded, palm-lined beaches, also a solid democracy and increasing socio economic expectations. The climate of Ghana is tropical, with 2 seasons; wet and dry. Temperatures do not tend to alter greatly throughout the calendar year, having a top of 26 degrees and a low of 2-3 degrees. There really are a range of tourist attractions, including Kakum National Park, Basua Beach and Lake Volta, among many others.

    Cost to study in Ghana?

    Ghana uses the Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) because its currency.

    Your lodging prices will be contingent on the place you decide to examine and exactly what class you select. Typically, you have to expect to pay in between GHS 20,000 and also GHS 70,000 annually for an undergraduate level program. To get a post graduate degree programme, you also ought to be expecting to pay for involving GHS 20,000 and also GHS 64,000 per yr. Some universities offer scholarships for international students, check with your organization about accessibility and qualification.

    It’s not uncommon for universities from Ghana to offer you halls of home through the duration of your own studies. This can mean your living costs are less than when you had to find lodging. Typically, you need to plan for between GHS 2,500 and GHS 7,500 a semester for halls of residence or some university hostel. In the event you opt to hire individually, your home prices will likely be much more higher. Check with your institution about whether they give accommodation.

    Student Visa to study in Ghana?

    If you want to study in Ghana within a worldwide scholar, you will need to get a college student loan. This is just a process that can be done either at the Ghanaian embassy in your home country, or even about the Ghana High Commission web site . You ought to be given a visa before traveling to Ghana, or you aren’t going to be allowed to enter the nation. Your institution will have the ability to offer advice about all the visa application approach.

    Languages to study in Ghana?

    The official language of Ghana is English. Additionally, there are 17 recognised national languages, and you may possibly discover African American spoken throughout the country.

    Due to the state language being English, that is actually the teaching language at higher education institutions. If English isn’t the native language, then you can want to provide proof one’s language competence. If you don’t meet the required criteria, then you might be able to bring a language plan to help you improve.

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