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Universta Have the best study in New Zealand consultants in Delhi, We are actively assisting Indian students for pursuing successful academic journeys. Our dedicated team simplifies the entire process of it, from helping students to select the right university & course to facilitating the admission process seamlessly.

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    • University and Course Selection
    • Admission Process
    • Financial Assistance
    • Fees and Scholarships
    • Visa Assistance

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    Universta Gives Best Study in New Zealand Consultants in Delhi

    We are the best study in New Zealand consultants in Delhi and provides career counselling for free of cost as well as also other additional aid required to Studying in New Zealand.


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    Guiding Educational Journeys Abroad

    • Free Counselling

    Universta Provides Personalized guidance to help you to make informed decisions about your educational journey.

    • Scholarships

    This Will Help You to Access financial support to ease the burden of tuition fees and expenses.

    • Visa Guidance

    We are Providing Expert assistance For navigating the visa application process & for ensuring a smooth transition.

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    • Post Landing Support.

    You will get Comprehensive aid to settle comfortably and thrive in your new academic and cultural environment.

    • 99% Success Rate.

    Join Universta The community of successful individuals. Who have achieved their academic goals with our support.

    • Application and Admission Process.

    Streamlined processes for a hassle free application experience, ensuring you to secure your spot in your desired program.

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    Why study in New Zealand?

    New Zealand education consultants for Indian students to study success. New Zealand is a special nation, using magnificent scenery and exceptional study options.

    Safe and Welcoming Community

    It’s really a safe and welcoming community with a world class standing for cutting down research and creative energy. These elements create the region a attractive location for International students.

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    Diverse Higher Education Institutions

    New Zealand has various sorts of high education institutions: colleges, private institutions, universities and polytechnics.

    Top Ranked Universities

    There are 8 universities in New Zealand, which all offer premium quality instruction. All of those universities have been ranked within the QS World University position top five hundred.

    1. University of Auckland
    2. University of Otago
    3. Auckland University of Technology
    4. Lincoln University Canterbury
    5. University of Waikato
    6. Victoria University of Wellington
    7. Massey University
    8. University of Canterbury


    Special Approach to Education

    close-up-people-learning-language-for-Best New Zealand Education Consultants in Delhi

    One particular great advantage to studying in New Zealand could be that the special approach to education.

    Students are encouraged to feel like an individual and find their own answers, and that’s the way several develop unique strengths and thoughts whilst studying at the country.

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    Flexible Academic Levels

    You have the capability to analyze in New Zealand at each of the conventional levels; Colleges (bachelor’s), postgraduate (master’s) and doctoral (PhD).

    You’ll find options to get specific skills, such as for instance Graduate Diplomas and Honors. These varieties of analysis generally last one year old.

    Geographic Overview

    The united states chiefly consists of 2 different islands. The nearest states to New Zealand have been Australia as well as the Pacific island countries: Fiji, New Caledonia and Tonga.

    Best Study in New Zealand Consultants in Delhi

    Made globally famous throughout god of the Rings movie collection, the lovely scene of New Zealand is assorted because of early volcanic eruptions.

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    Cultural Mosaic of New Zealand

    New Zealand supplies a rich combination of cultures that are various, for example Maori, Pakeha (men and women of European descent), Asian and Pacific inhabitants.

    A Developed Nation’s Success Story


    It’s just a developed state also can properly in federal performance positions. These positions contemplate all facets, which include wellbeing, overall health, schooling and financial flexibility.

    The absolute most prominent industry of the federal market could be that the service industry, accompanied closely by the industrial industry.

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    Must-Visit Destinations in New Zealand

    The Very Best Places of Interest at New Zealand comprise:

    1. Coromandel Peninsula
    2. Abel Tasman National Park
    3. Sky Tower (Auckland)
    4. Napier Art Deco
    5. Kaikoura

    Cost to study in New Zealand


    Education Costs

    Massey University $23,070 to $55,580
    Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) $8,000 to $26,400
    University of Waikato $25,160 to $55,000
    Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology $18,900 to $28,350
    Victoria University of Wellington $26,150 to $39,050
    These Are Top 5 Affordable Education Institutions & Universities In New Zealand

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    Private flat$180
    Hall of Residence {on campus accommodation}$210 to $555
    Shared Rental$120
    Hostels and Guesthouses$140 to $210 {$20 to $30/night}
    Price Range For Accommodation

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    Clothing & footwear$16.70
    Household content & services$32.20
    Recreation & culture$64.20
    Miscellaneous goods & services$71.70
    Food & beverages$136.50
    Housing & household utilities$202.10
    Other expenses$56.20
    Other Expenses Cost Range

    تكلفة الدراسة في نيوزيلندا ورسوم الجامعات. (n.d.). IDP Education Middle East.

    Institutions in New Zealand are permitted to set their tuition prices. Which usually means what you cover will be different depending on your institution of choice.

    International pupils can expect to pay for between $22,000 and $32,000 to get a bachelor’s level, also between $26,000 and $37,000 to get a postgraduate program.

    But if you choose a class like medicine, veterinary or engineering science, your fees are likely to be much more higher.

    All PhD students cover the very same, and this is $6,500 to £ 9,000 per year. For information regarding the expense of your precise class, get in touch with your New Zealand Education Consultant.

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    Unlocking Financial Opportunities: Scholarships and Living Costs

    There are scholarships obtainable for international students at all levels, including students desiring to acquire a PhD.

    These scholarships are provided by the institutions themselves, or even so the federal government. Contact your institution/consultant to get more information on your eligibility, or use the state New Zealand article directory.

    Residing costs depend on where you opt to dwell at New Zealand. As in most countries, the larger cities will take a bigger living budget than the more compact cities and towns.

    It’s recommended that you simply make it possible for between $15,000-$27,000 per yr. In the event that you will be studying in New Zealand for more than 1 year, you will have to demonstrate that you might have at the least $15,000 to encourage your self for the very first year.

    If you’re analyzing for as much as and including year, you’re expected to illustrate that you have at $1,250 for monthly of analysis.

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    Balancing Work and Study: Visa and Employment

    If you have a student visa, you have the capacity to to work upto 20 hrs per week during term time, and also complete period outside of term time. College students completing Masters by research or PhD are able to work full time all through their research workers, including time period.

    If you’ve got a student visa, you aren’t entitled to publicly financed healthcare services. The exception to the rule are students from Australia and also the United Kingdom or PhD pupils.

    These pupils are entitled to publicly funded wellness care for instantly required treatment only.

    If you’re from every other country, or will need to gain access to further medical treatment, you have to be certain you’ve got valid medical and travel insurance policies all through your stay. Your preferred organization will have the ability to supply more details about this.

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    Student Visa to study in New Zealand


    If you are going to be remaining in New Zealand for more than a couple of months, you might need to submit an application to get a student visa. Pupils from Australia or other countries that have an agreement with New Zealand usually do not have to turn in an application for a visa.

    When you get your visa, then you can stay within the country for approximately four years and have consent to do the job up to 20 hrs per week. You ought to be enrolled by having a licensed institution and also have the money to cover the course.

    You can either submit an application for your visa in your house country’s New Zealand embassy or consulate, but also the application form charge is 10% more economical online.
    To find out more about visas, you should see the official New Zealand Immigration website.

    Languages to study in New Zealand

    multiple language illustration

    There are 3 official languages in New Zealand; English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Te Reo Maori grew to become an official speech in 1987. NZSL, the principal speech of the deaf group in New Zealand, turned into a formal speech at 2006.

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    Preserving Maori: A Cultural Imperative

    With only 3.7% of the people talking Maori, the speech is currently at threat of extinction. Authorities are trying to make certain this doesn’t take place, implementing Maori lessons at colleges, as well as television channels broadcasting only in Maori.

    Immersive Cultural Experience

    Assessing in New Zealand would be a great opportunity to immerse your self in a historic civilization, finding some celestial vocabulary and NZSL.

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    Language of Instruction: English Dominance

    Most lessons are provided in English. If your native language is not English, then you might need to establish that your Language skills will soon meet with the instruction expectations.

    In the event you don’t, it is common for associations to supply language programs to significantly strengthen your skills. Speak to your establishment in case you want to have more information regarding it.

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    Universta, the Best Study in New Zealand Consultants in Delhi, We simplifies your path to success. From course selection to financial guidance, we offer a 99% success rate. Embrace a rich academic experience in New Zealand. Give us a ring at (+91-8920-91-9090), Drop us an email at


    How can Universta assist us in university and course selection process?

    Listen, Our dedicated team provides free career counseling, We can assist you through it. Don’t worry our team will with you to help you any time.

    What financial assistance and scholarships are available in Universta?

    We offers guidance on financial aid, scholarships, and fees. Contact us or visit the state New Zealand article directory for detailed information on eligibility.

    What services does Universta offer for post landing support?

    We Provide Services Like,
    1. Admission
    2. Offering Post Landing Support
    3. Free Counseling
    4. Scholarships
    5. Guidance to ensure a successful academic journey in New Zealand.

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