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Are you planning to study in Germany for a bachelor’s degree? Then hold on, this blog is super important. TestAS is mandatory to study in Germany for a bachelor’s degree, and you also need this to get your APS certificate.

Hi, my name is Mudit, and in this blog, I will tell you all you need to know about TestAS: format, syllabus, prep, results, and some helpful resources. So stick until the end as we dive straight in.

Who needs TestAS? Are there any waivers?

TestAS is mandated for all non-EU students who want to study in Germany for an undergraduate degree. Yes, there are waivers available, but only if the candidate has cleared JEE Mains and Advanced.

Is TestAS in English or German?

TestAS is offered in both English and German, but I will advise you to choose English as the preferred language. Choose German only if you have B1 or B2 level proficiency.

What is the TestAS test format?

The test is available in two formats: paper-based and digital, just like IELTS. In a multiple-choice format, depending on your computer level, choose the one you like. Both paper-based and digital tests have two sections: a core test and a subject-specific core test. The core test is the same for all applicants and tests your general abilities, such as quantitative problems and numericals. For the subject-specific section, you can choose from six subjects:
1. Humanities, Cultural Studies, and Social Sciences
2. Life Sciences
3. Mathematics, Computer Sciences, and Natural Sciences
4. Engineering
5. Economics
Make sure you choose the subject as per your intended program of study.

How long is the test?

For paper-based tests, you will get 110 minutes followed by a 30-minute break and 145 to 150 minutes for the subject-specific section. That will be a total of 4.5+ hours, including breaks.
For digital tests, you get 90 minutes for the core test followed by a 30-minute break, and then 90 minutes for the subject-specific section. That will be three and a half hours, including breaks.

What is the TestAS test syllabus

For paper-based tests, the core section will have four types of questions, including solving quantitative problems, inferring relations, completing patterns, and continuing numerical series. Subject-specific questions will vary as per your chosen subject. You can find detailed info on this on the TestAS.de website. For digital tests, the core section will have three types of questions, including figure sequences, mathematical equations, and Latin squares. Subject-specific questions will vary as per the subject, and that info is also available on their website.

Where are the TestAS test centers? How much is the cost, the number of attempts, and validity of the test?

There are nine test centers in India for TestAS located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, and Pune. You can book both paper or digital tests by going to the website. The cost of registration is 150 Euros, roughly around 13,600 rupees. There is no limit on the number of attempts, and the results will be valid for a lifetime.

How do I register for TestAS?

Registration is also pretty simple. You choose the date and type of test, create an account, select the test center, pay the fee, and you’re done. Do note that the test is offered just three times a year, and you should keep a check on the registration period for the particular date. For instance details visit: https://www.testas.de/en/pruefungstermine_en.htm

Where can I prepare for TestAS?

There’s plenty of free material available on the TestAS.de website. But in case you want to get your hands on more test prep material, there are Digital Editions available on Amazon by edulate GmbH.

When are the results available for TestAS?

For paper-based tests, it takes about four weeks, and for digital tests, it takes two weeks for the results. You can access them from your account by entering your username and password.

Anything else you should know about?

Carry your valid ID along with a blue or black ballpoint pen. Everything else will be available at the test center. Apart from this, if you have any other questions, you can check out the FAQs list on the TestAS.de website.

Hope you find this blog super helpful! If you want me to make another blog on any other test, let me know in the comments below.

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