Top 5 Marketing Universities in the World

Top Marketing Universities in the World

Top 5 Marketing Universities to Pursue

Marketing, marketing, marketing – from Pink Beach Houses to your favorite superhero-themed McDonald’s Happy Meals, to Universta‘s this blog marketing is everywhere.

Jo Dikhta hai, Wo Bikta Hai

You must have heard this age-old proverb so many times. It describes the world of marketing perfectly – the signs come art form requires you to learn the core skills of catching the attention of people and making sure your product stays at the front of their minds.

Does the sound of pulling off something like that fascinate you? Then you should consider the world of marketing as your ideal career. Here are some Top Marketing Universities in the World for you to consider to take your career forward:

Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT Sloan’s strong emphasis on technology and analytics prepares you for the digital marketing landscape. Here, you engage with faculty conducting groundbreaking research in marketing and related fields. MIT’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship can provide unique opportunities for marketing ventures in any country of your choice.

Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

Haas emphasizes sustainability and social responsibility in marketing practices. Berkeley’s proximity to Silicon Valley offers connections to tech-driven marketing and startups. Here, you get to connect with the diverse and engaged alumni community.

Columbia Business School

Situated in New York City, CBS offers unparalleled access to marketing opportunities in a global business hub. The school’s experiential learning projects and internships provide hands-on marketing experience. Columbia’s extensive industry connections can facilitate networking and job placements.

London Business School (LBS)

LBS‘s diverse student body and global campus locations provide a multicultural perspective on marketing. Situated in the heart of London, students benefit from LBS’s location in one of the world’s major financial and marketing hubs. LBS offers comprehensive career support and access to a global network of alumni.


With campuses in three countries, INSEAD offers a truly international education and exposure to various marketing environments. Its shorter program duration can allow you to enter the workforce or pivot your career more quickly. Connecting with a diverse cohort of classmates from around the world builds a global network.

These were some of the Top Marketing Universities in the World for you to consider. Now, you should conduct your own research regarding colleges and find a perfect fit.

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